“I have been so surprised to find a less expensive and healthy way of eating from Dr. McDougall and the starch based whole foods way of eating. What was really encouraging was the number of common health issues that have been helped over many years by this change in diet- rather than more medicines and more expensive products in the market. it was also a mind changer to realize the ‘common’ knowledge that we need lots of protein and milk to be healthy isn’t necessarily so.”

-Taffy M.
For many decades, I have suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea due to obesity. Low energy kept me mostly sedentary; it was a struggle to get up in the morning and do anything active, much less enjoy life. I tried every diet known to man, but of course, nothing had lasting, healthy, and effective results. Depression set in and I knew I had to make a change. I heard about plant-based diets and I was skeptical. Giving up meat and dairy seemed impossible – not only because I liked the taste, but the fear I wouldn’t get enough nutrition from just vegetables and fruit and grains. Many friends encouraged me, as well as my daughters who decided to take that leap of faith and go vegan with me. The more I stuck with the plant-based lifestyle the more I lost weight and gained energy. My health improved; diseases reversed and I could drop medications. Thanks to friends like Sue Fehlberg who provided a lot of encouragement and advice, I now live a confident and healthy life. I enjoy what I eat and the variety of meals and nutrition seems endless.

-Marion S.
57 years