Recommended resources

The following are resources that I've found particularly helpful during my transition to a whole-food plant-based lifestyle.  Books, videos, websites and more.  There is so much great information out there!


Forks over Knives Documentary

This is literally life-changing. It's the first thing I recommend to anyone interested in improving their health.  Buy it, watch it on Netflix, check it out from the library or come over to my house and I'll watch it with you! 




Great information - These are a few books i love:

The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall - a great place to start.

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger - excellent research-backed advice on preventing and reversing the 15 most common causes of premature death, written in an easy-to-read style.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell - a harder, more scientific read, but eye-opening.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn - if I had heart disease, I would run to the store to buy this book.  Amazing stories of people not just stopping further heart disease, but actually reversing it!




Oh How I love cookbooks! these are my favorites:

The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook by John and Mary McDougall - you can make healthy meals with everyday, inexpensive ingredients in less than 30 minutes.  We use this more than any other cookbook.

Forks Over Knives, the Cookbook by Del Sproufe - great recipes, especially the dessert section. We use this almost as much as the McDougall cookbook. Love it.

The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn - the first part of the book is information about the benefits of a plant-based diet.  The recipes are a bit more involved, but we have enjoyed many of them.

The Vegan Cheat Sheet by Amy Cramer and Lisa McComsey - great pancake recipe. And the biscotti is really good too!

The Happy  Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings by Lindsay S. Nixon - she has several cookbooks and we use all of them, this one more than the others.

recipe websites

I love searching the internet for new recipes. these are some of my favorite sites:

FAT FREE VEGAN KITCHEN | Love, love, love this site.  Susan Voisin has so many great recipes with a great index, great directions, and a writing style I really enjoy.

DR. MCDOUGALL | Tons of recipes from all the McDougall newsletters.  Click on the Education tab to get to the recipe index.

VEGGIE INSPIRED | I just happened on this one recently - the sugar cookie recipe is amazing!

MINIMALIST BAKER | Dana's recipes have 10 ingredients or less.  Some of the recipes have oil, but I just omit it.

 THE VEGAN 8 | These are recipes with 8 ingredients or less if 10 is too many for you.  

LIGHTER | This is such a great site.  You answer a few questions about what type of diet restrictions you have, how many people you're cooking for, what kitchen tools you have, how long you want to spend on each meal, etc. - then you're given a choice of 3 recipes for each meal. Once you choose your meals you're given a shopping list. And the recipes are delicious! You can upgrade and get some added resources, but the recipes and shopping lists are free.  Love it!


informational websites

there is a ton of information on the internet. These are some of the sites that i visit often. many of them have recipes, meal plans, support groups and the latest research.


NUTRITION FACTS.ORG | This is the BEST website!  Dr. Greger and his team look at thousands of scientific studies every year and boil down the research into understandable articles and videos. There are literally thousands of topics you can get information on, and best of all, the site is non-profit so you can be sure there isn't anyone skewing the research so they can sell you something. 

DR. MCDOUGALL | Dr. McDougall has his program online for FREE. Click on the education tab, then Free Program. Love this website. There are meal plans, recipes, success stories and so much more. Take advantage of this!

FORKS OVER KNIVES | Lots of nutritional advice as well as recipes and success stories.

LIGHTER | I put this in the recipe recommendations, but it's such a cool website I'm including it again.  Personalized meal plans and shopping lists - and all the recipes are whole-food plant-based!