Our Programs


4 hours | $75

Through lectures, videos, and cooking demos, you’ll learn the basics of the Starch Solution plan: why this way of eating has helped people for hundreds of years live healthy, active lives, how easy it is to shop for and cook the delicious foods you will be eating, and how to set up your kitchen for success.

Location is up to you! Measurement of your blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, body fat and waist is available if you choose to track these biometric markers. 

Ask about group rates or discounts for couples.

meal planning,Pantry Clean out and Restock

$25 | hour

How do you actually get started? I would be happy to meet with you and help you plan a week of meals, help you remove the foods that aren't health promoting from your pantry, then go shopping with you to restock with foods you'll use to prepare the meals we planned. I'll show you how easy it all is!


personal coaching

$25 | hour

Once you get started, questions usually arise. I'd love to continue encouraging you in person, through email or over the phone and keep you heading towards great health.

If you are on medications or have medical conditions for which you are under a doctor’s care, please realize that if you adhere strictly to this plan you may need to reduce or eliminate medications, which you should do under your physician’s supervision. This class is meant to be informational, and any biometric values you receive are meant to be seen as screening results, not a diagnosis.

Although this educational opportunity provided by Sue Fehlberg of Clean Table LR may contain materials from Dr. John McDougall, his books and website, the classes and their content are presented entirely independent of the McDougall Program. The use of “McDougall” materials in any form is not an endorsement of the classes being presented, nor should you expect the same weight loss and medical benefits experienced during the 10-day live-in McDougall Program (www.drmcdougall.com). Check with your healthcare provider before changing your diet or medications.